Toms was established in 1993 and have been repairing shoes here for 25 years. I even worked here aged 15 as a saturday boy when the shop was owned by a big company.
Our shoe repair service includes leather 1/2 soles, leather long soles, rubber soles, thin save a soles, heels, patching, stitching, leather bag repairs, stitching shoes, bags and lots more.
We use the best materials, Oak bark tanned leather from Germany or Lissom leather tanned in England, Vibram, Svig, Dunlop and Indiana rubber soles. Hard wearing heels made by Topy and Svig.
Being an independent shoe repairer I can pick and choose the best products from around the world. If you do not use me for you repairs or are fed up with the service you don't get from your present chap pop in and see what Toms we can do for you.
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