Toms was established in 1993 and have been cutting your keys for 25 years.I have over 2,400 different keys in stock. So as long as your key is not a restricted or locksmith special we should be able to cut it.

These are some of the makes of key we have in stock both of  the new Yale Patented Key, Avocet ATK Blue Head Key are now in stock, Gatemate, VanVault, Chubb, Yale, Legge, Era, Asec, Banham (only the older Banham), Lowe & Fletcher, Fortress, Cisa, Master, Wagner, Winkhaus and many more. 

Don't get caught out cut a spare set to leave with a neighbour its alot cheaper than having to call out a locksmith to open your door and it will only take a few minutes to have your keys cut.


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