All our trophies and awards can be engraved on the supplied engraving plaque. We charge a flat rate of £2.50 per plaque on a trophy purchased from us.

Select the appropriate drop down box from Select Your Trophy  10.25cm/A + engraving

This shows the price of the trophy and engraving.

Type your text into the engraving box with the text set out how you would like it including upper and lower case letters, your text will automatically centre itself to give you an idea of how it might look. Or place your order as above but send us an email with your engraving requirements this is sometimes easier on volume orders, but do not forget to add the trophy codes to the relevant engraving. The engraving will be sized by our computerised engraving software. 

The maximum character's per line amount is only a guide if you have more don't worry type what you would like and we will let you know if it needs to be changed.

If we foresee any design or layout problems we will contact you.

If you have any queries just contact us and we will help.


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